182 East 200 South

Salina, Ut 84654

Jeannine Fullmer - President Director

"Operated by Volunteers"

About Us

We are a non-profit (501c-3), Incorporated local Animal Rescue located in Central Utah just 2.5 hours from either Salt Lake City or St George Utah. We are a facility which is purely operated by Volunteers whose mission is to assist and save the lives of animals so they may have a chance at life in a forever home that will love and cherish them. We here at the Menagerie utilize awesome foster homes along with the 4 on the floor VIP club house which has 11 cinder block indoor/outdoor dog kennels.

We also provide 1 on 1 dog training to assist with proper socialization skills, manners, and basic obedience. We also here at the Menagerie; across the walk way from the Club House have, Madam Puss Pussís cat house which houseís our wonderful felines waiting for their forever homes. The Fullmer Menagerie has 2 on-call Veterinarianís we use to insure our companions have the best health care around. 

We utilize Dr. Ekins at Gunnison Bend Vet Clinic and Dr. Tom Anderson at Gunnison Vet Hospital for our program which assists FFA students who have an interest in the Veterinarian field. This program allows these high school students to get hands on experience vaccinating, doing surgery prep for spays/neuters of our companions along with removing stitches from horses.  

We have high hopes that we may start an educational area to assist children with learning the knowledge they will need to care for and love the companion animal in their life. The Fullmer Menagerie Animal Rescue invites you to browse our website to get vital information on crate training, home made dog food recipes, winter/summer care information and how you can become a volunteer for a Animal Rescue.

  Dreams Can Come True

I have always had an interest or more like a love for animals ever since I can remember. As a young
girl I can think back to days walking home from school and seeing a dog on the sidewalk and
encourage it home with me.  I would then tell my mother that this dog was lost and needed to find it's
home. They were always from the neighborhood, but I always thought they were lost and were afraid.  I
grew up with at least three dogs in the house. My first dog that was given to me was a rescue from the
pound. This rescue was a mix and I named her Fanny Mae because her tail would wag so hard from
being so happy. The next dog I can remember was Turkey. She was an owner surrender from a friend
of the family. All during these time these dogs were my best

    Oh yes, we did have other dogs in the house equally wonderful but nothing like my friends. When I
would get into trouble, I wouldn't be grounded to my room...I would be grounded from playing, petting,
or talking to my friends. That was the worst punishment I could have ever had. As the years went on I
would find sick or injured animals and bring them home. I would at anytime either have a sick bird that
a cat had caught to a mouse. My daughter Theresa and I found a crow that had fallen out
of its nest. We named him Edgar Allen Crow which we nursed back to full growth so that he could
return to the wild and do what crows do best. I have tried to instill a sense of love and passion in my
daughter also when it comes to animals. From an early age I kept my daughter around horses, dogs,
cats, cows, birds, and any other I could muster up for her to learn about.

    Since moving here to Utah I have become more passionate about rescuing. Raising a pup from one
day old to bottle feeding kittens when their mother was killed. I started being a foster mom in 2000 for
a rescue group called Wag-n-Train and I also worked for a Veterinarian in the community. I continue
learning so that I can grow and better help the animals around me. I have learned that holistic
medicine works quite well in cases of Parvo, Kennel Cough, Separation anxiety, and other illness. I
have also learned and passed on that training in a non-aggressive manner with positive
reinforcements which also help build trust and loyalty in an animal.

     Starting the Fullmer menagerie with my husband Lyle has been a dream turned to reality. I have high
hopes that I can touch the lives of a few unwanted and unloved animals along with education the
community just a bit on animal rescue and how they can help.

Dreams Can Come True